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Arabian Carpets

Hand-woven Arabian carpets can be a real decoration of the house. They can be very pleasant to walk on and fun to watch.

Suitable carpet should be located in the right place and will give your room completely new dimension of design. Let yourself be seduced by the fantastic designs, colors and shapes. You can find everything – from carpets woven by nomads, with naive patterns, majestic in its simplicity, to the finest carpets from the most exclusive weaving workshops of the world. Hand-woven rug is an investment that will light up your home for years. Properly nurtured, it will serve for generations,and its value will steadily grow. Therefore, I strongly urge you to take the opportunity to place a work of art on your floor. It is often forgotten that the type of wool is a key factor in determining thequality of the carpet. A perfect example is one of the more popular arabian carpets – the Persian rug Gabbeh. Typically, these rugs are made of wool coming from sheep grazed in the high mountains, which makes wool thicker and more moisturised. This, coupled with the fact that the yarn is spun by hand, resulting in a very soft and durable carpet. Mostly nomads weave wool rugs gathered fromthe sheep, which they grow. In this way, they remain involved in the whole process of the carpet. Large looms employ people whose job is to only to buy wool and control its quality. Wool quality also affects the color of the carpet. Wool quality allows for more pleasant color as vegetable dyes “absorb” into it more evenly. Type of used wool is also a key factor affecting the price that the carpet can achieve. Arabian carpets with good wool are almost always worth their price, because they look beautiful, they are soft to the touch and much more durable.

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