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Why to Invest in Old Rugs?

Some people tend to say that things were better in the past. This general rule obviously does not apply to every sphere of life, however in the subject of artistic craftsmanship it seems to be justified. Before the era of mass consumption and machine production, utilitarian objects used to be thoroughly hand-crafted by skilled artisans who, besides taking care for the tiniest details, impregnated them with soul.


Antique rugs are a prime example of craftsmen’s individual, creative and serious approach, which allowed many of them to survive absolutely unblemished for generations with the prospect of lasting anther hundreds of years. Such remarkable quality does not have to be advertised – in that matter, every antique carpet speaks for itself. Yet, the story told by each ancient fabric goes far beyond the tied knots of thread. The intertwining warp and weft constitute the record of a historical period in which they were woven and the reflection of a weaver’s personal experiences, joys and sorrows, thoughts and wishes, as well as her or his aesthetic sense. Without ready-made templates even classic Oriental rug motifs, such as Herati, Shah Abbas, the Tree of Life or Paisley, varied depending of the cultural circle and the area of making. Not to mention the Occidental rug art, including Scandinavian, European or Northern-American, with the range of patterns developed quite independently from the Asian archetype. This incredibly wide array of designs was additionally enriched by color palettes corresponding to the latest fashions, limited by the availability of natural dye sources, and consistent with the symbolism of a particular region.

Old rugs are not only saturated with history and qualitative but, most importantly, beautiful . Made with the greatest care and precision, antique carpet designs constitute impeccable, balanced and well thought-out compositions which are characterized by a truly timeless elegance. Persian, Turkish or European rugs perfectly match classic interior decors, while Indian, Moroccan or Scandinavian creations have taken modern abodes by storm. Nevertheless, a strict division does not exist and here most certainly applies one rule – genuine beauty fits absolutely everywhere.

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