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Oversized Samarkand Rug N12016


Samarkand rugs have unusual warmth to them that transforms even the most barren looking rooms into cozy sanctuaries. Those jewels of Middle Asia continue to bewitch countless rug collectors all over the world with their irrepressible charm. Few pieces of decor can change an interior to such an extent with such ease.

This elegant Samarkand rug is everything a household could ever need. It was knotted by hand using high quality wool, which resulted in not only a delightfully soft pile, but also astonishing durability. A rug like this one is bound to serve you and your family for the decades to come! The classic Samarkand pomegranate pattern, symbolizing fertility and bound to bring auspiciousness, has a nice modern twist to it that will surely be appreciated by both collectors and aficionados of fine carpets. The color palette of the rug features a beautiful shades of gray and beige.

Doris Leslie Blau’s grand collection of high quality contemporary rugs and antique carpets is everything one could ever wish for. If you ever find yourself looking for a rug which will change your household, be sure to check out our website and discover the most beautiful pieces from all over the world.

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Item No.: N12016 Size: 17'2" × 29'7" (523 × 901 cm)
Color: Gray, White Style: Casual