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Traditional Oriental Inspired RugThey are graceful and stylish, full of meanings and full of historical charm. Transferred into the present, Samarkand carpets enchant with multiplicity of features reminding of the rich past of this very aesthetics. Come and see how beautiful they are. The old Samarkand used to be an oasis, giving respite to voyagers traveling from Western Europe to China and back. A mosaic of cultures, which highly influenced the development of this transit city, played a significant role in creating the distinctive style of work of the local carpet weavers. This original design proved to be so precious and desired by the clientele all over the world that it provoked the workshops to reiterate this kind of aesthetics and delight the next generations of carpet users with it. The unusual style of Samarkand-inspired carpets displays themes from many oriental cultures including China with its fretwork borders, lotus blossoms and graceful cloud-bands, India with cloud bands, Turkey with bold reciprocal borders and carnations and naturally Persia with its floral trellis work. One of the most popular motifs decorating antique Samarkand rugs was the traditional pomegranate fruit signifying prosperity. These amazing works of art have a number of common features that allow to identify them as specific evidence of coexistence and intermingling of various weaving techniques. The use of many different kinds of raw materials and the diverse display of symbols on the contemporary carpets inspired by Samarkand remain their distinguishing factors. Their vintage predecessors, woven at the crossroads of several civilizations, used to employ such rich and varied symbolism as well. A characteristic feature of these carpets is the usage of raw materials. The one found most often are: wool and silk fibers and metal – differentiating the surface and showing the depth of the composition, emphasizing their uniqueness and bringing to mind the region of their origin. Composed of inspirations taken from many cultures, the design of Samarkand carpets will never stop seducing the lovers of weaving art. Take a look at our offer and pick the perfect one.

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