Modern CHICHI Rug

Modern CHICHI Rug N11285


This contemporary CHICHI rug is hand knotted in linen and silk and features an all-over design of light beige abstractions outlined in a darker beige, with a matching dark beige border. Free-form horizontal lines traverse the contemporary Modern rug sizes, for a look that is simultaneously abstract and modern, and evocative of a tribal, folk sensibility. Using shape and color to great effect, the rug is a minimalist statement. Hand-woven in the Himalayas in Nepal, the contemporary Tibetan black and white abstract rug takes inspiration from European Art Deco and the movement’s inspired modernism, incorporating the streamlined aesthetic and minimalism that is characteristic of Deco in general. As this contemporary area rug is woven by hand using quality linen and silk, it bears a uniqueness in style, value and longevity that makes it stand out from the average mass-produced textiles.

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Item No.: N11285 Size: 11'6" × 13'2" (350 × 401 cm)