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Moroccan Inspired Rug N12070

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Although presently made, this new Moroccan-inspired rug embodies the greatest features of the centuries-old Moroccan weaving craft. It is modeled on Beni Ourains – iconic shaggy beauties originally woven by nomadic tribes wandering the area of Rif mountains near Taza, distinguished by a very characteristic design.

The custom rug before your eyes is a variation on the most classic canon of Beni Ourains. Its off-white field bears a slightly irregular pattern of geometric motifs which are not ‘drawn’ but rendered by leaving some parts of the pile out (high&low pile). It is worth mentioning that the imperfections of the design are intentional – they are connected to tribal beliefs that nothing in the earthly life can be perfect and aim at expressing humility towards the force majeure.

The contemporary rug was made in complete accordance with traditional craft. Its cushy pile was carefully hand-knotted of top-notch wool by a skilled artisan. Due to such execution, the rug is durable, resilient and unique. Under the condition of proper maintenance, it will serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear, bringing in its warmth and a pinch of Oriental magic.

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Item No.: N12070 Size: 12'3" × 13'7" (373 × 414 cm)
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