MDr N03638 by DLB

MDr N03638 3'0" × 10'0" $4,500

A fine rug is the very foundation of any refined space and the single element without which any room can never be complete. A well-selected carpet should be as soft, warm, and colorful as the life lived upon it.

Overall, the offerings in the designer Stripes rug and carpet selection bring a sophisticated and creative, modern eye to rug design weaving a mix of eclectic and abstract patterns. Many of them subtly recall elements of traditional carpet-weaving such as inclusion of organic forms like the branches and flowers of antique modern area rugs. Some are inspired by works of art or early modern 20th century designer rugs online. For example, one of our more recently curated collections features a Nigerian cloth pattern by Kim Alexandriuk that evokes traditional tribal patterns but assembles them with a more modern sensibility. Alexandriuk also does a riff on traditional Berber rugs by using their traditional materials and style of weaving to create a modern mélange of rectilinear and curved shapes in a simple two-tone palette. Ann Getty and Associates, works with a traditional floral pattern but shatters tradition with its exuberant coloration and the non-standard arrangement of the floral on the carpet.


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Price: $4,500

Item No.: N03638 Size: 3'0" × 10'0" (91 × 304 cm)