53 N0173 by DLB

53 N0173 5'1" × 8'1" $2,600

Over the years, some of my most inspired rooms have started beneath my feet with a great carpet. It has been a challenge and a thrill to imagine what that carpet might be if I could wish it into existence. I’ve never been truly satisfied with a room that has as its anchor a swath of beige in the place of a real modern gray rug. A real carpet with true character, activates a space and unites with great furniture, beautiful fabrics, and good art to make a design even more effective than the sum of its parts.

Designer rugs from Doris Leslie Blau? Yes! For almost 6 decades Doris Leslie Blau has been world-renowned as the leading supplier of antique and vintage carpets and round aubusson rugs. A trusted advisor to owners, decorators, and designers in selecting the perfect carpet to serve as the foundation or focal point of a design scheme. We have always understood the delicate interaction between all the elements of a room design and how they can be pulled together to reveal a narrative that reflects the unique style and taste of the homeowner. By virtue of their placement in a room and their intrinsic, multi-sensory beauty, carpets and beautiful rugs play a pivotal role in pulling together the strands of that narrative.


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Item No.: N0173 Size: 5'1" × 8'1" (154 × 246 cm)
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