New Oversized Bessarabian Design Floral Wool Rug N11894 by DLB
New Oversized Bessarabian Design Floral Wool Rug
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New Oversized Bessarabian Design Floral Wool Rug N11894 15'1" × 24'10" $32,000

This area rug, although presently made, is permeated with a note of history and a great dose of rustic charm. It flaunts a traditional design characteristic of Bessarabia. The imposing pitch-black main field is adorned with fifteen medallions surrounded by blooming wreaths enchanting with numerous shades, including rose, golden beige, green and dusty orange, made in a distinct, Easter-European aesthetics. The color palette, although rich, is properly muted to bring balance to the otherwise opulent composition.

The Bessarabian flat weave was carefully hand-woven of the finest wool in accordance with centuries-old techniques. Only such thorough making may ensure durability, resilience and uniqueness of the fabric. Provided a minimum amount of care, this contemporary traditional-inspired rug will serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear, helping them make a proper statement in a wide array of interior arrangements.

New and custom rugs by Doris Leslie Blau are true pearls of the craft. While creating every modern carpet we rely on the vast weaving history with incorporation of the latest trends and a pinch of visionary approach. By doing so, we are able to obtain floor coverings that are timeless in every regard, from exquisite workmanship to eternal designs. Browse our website to find out more about our professional ardor or visit one of our galleries to commune with the sheer magic of top-notch rugs.


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Price: $32,000

Item No.: N11894 Size: 15'1" × 24'10" (459 × 756 cm)
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