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Oversized Contemporary Oushak Rug
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Oversized Contemporary Oushak Rug N11826 18'3" × 29'9" $110,000

There are few things that can match the top-notch quality and profound artistic sensitivity of oriental craft. Although presently made, this magnificent custom Oushak traditional today rug remains in complete accordance with traditional Turkish weaving art. Its main field is embellished with a dense yet perfectly organized pattern featuring classic Middle-Eastern designs.

One of them is Herati, also known as the “fish motif”, incorporating a flower inside of a rhombus surrounded by four acanthus-leaves that very often resemble small fish, hence its unusual name. This mesmerizing picture is enclosed within a series of equally compelling borders, adorned with further geometric and botanical motifs, including octagonal medallions that in the Orient go by the name of “gul” and represent elephant footprints, a symbol of luck. The tranquil and stylish color palette of ivory with pebble gray balances the lush design and makes the custom Oushak modern rug applicable in practically every décor.

The piece was thoroughly hand-woven of the finest wool by a skilled artisan which not only influences the overall appearance but also ensures its durability. If properly maintained, this oriental rug will serve its owners many years, bringing in comfort, chic and palatial feel.


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Price: $110,000

Item No.: N11826 Size: 18'3" × 29'9" (556 × 906 cm)
Color: Beige, Brown, Gray