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Of Minimalism and Grandeur: Christian Liaigre


Acclaimed French Designer Christian Liaigre creates spaces that incorporate old and new, that borrow from the past and reach for the future. There’s a duality to his work that’s very much in line with our philosophy here at DLB: We’re passionate about spaces that combine contemporary aesthetics with transcendent vintage and antique elements.

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Many of Liaigre’s spaces preserve heritage architecture, while his rooms employ minimalist furniture and fabrics with stark lines and little embellishment. The cumulative effects are elegant interiors with a singular sensibility that is utterly contemporary while simultaneously honoring of heritage.

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For those of you with a carriage house or heritage estate (or who might come into one in the future!), I’ve compiled some contemporary rugs that would provide a stunning contrast to preservation architecture.



You can read more about Liaigre and his work here and here.  For more textile inspiration, see our collection here.