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Michael Smith Interior Design

Michael S. Smith is an American interior designer, considered to be one of the most talented and appreciated creators nowadays. In his projects, American modernism and European classicism (Mr. Smith studied in Los Angeles and London) are combined with his fresh and unique manner. He respects tradition and timeless designs but in his work, he focuses on people and creates perfect environments for them.

 Mr. Smith’s interest in antiques and his respect for traditions can be observed in his designs, often with a touch of modernity. He worked on grand designs, from huge hotels, residences, villas to townhouses, apartments and intimate abodes. His designs are always well thought out, meticulous and with the respect for a client’s lifestyle and crafted for a perfect living. Michael’s choice of the one, unique and ideal piece, like a work of art, statement piece of furniture or the best carpet are highly appreciated. He is known for choosing an object like a 17th Italian ornamented mirror for a sleek modern interior. And his love for antiques encourages him to pair antique Persian carpet with contemporary dining sets or choose other valuable antique or vintage rugs for the interiors, signed with his name. His tricks also include “antique textiles, beautiful boxes and books,” as he mentioned during an interview for Domino magazine in 2009. In the same interview, he admitted he is not averse to fake flowers or plants, provided they are used correctly.

His completed designs are described as sophisticated and luxurious, and his visions accepted and admired by his clients.

During many years of his work as a designer, Michael Smith received many prominent awards, as his projects were and are widely appreciated. His recent projects include designing private quarters at the White House.

Choosing him as the designer for you dream house should be the only option.

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