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Live like Jennifer Aniston: House Decorating with…. Rugs!

“Sexy is important, but comfort is essential,” claims ever the America’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Anniston. Aided by AD100 interior designer Stephen Shadley, she transformed her new L.A residence into a temple of serenity, filled with wood, stone, bronze and… rugs. Let’s take a peek into her dreamy California home and check how the skilled actress and the talented decorator crafted the perceptible Zen aura in the finest style.


The Living Room


The living room, design-wise maintained in a fresh and intriguing version of the Mid-Century Modern, is outfitted with 20th-century classics. Here we find a Jean Royère’s polar bear sofa, Arturo Pani’s cocktail table, a leather-wrapped armchair by Jacques Adnet or Piet Hein for Fritz Hansen barstools from Wyeth in a Holly Hunt leather. The vintage meets modernity, and thanks to the coherent and subdued colors everything creates a harmonious whole. Aptly applied beiges and bronzes tone the place filled with designer furniture.

Editor’s choice

Contemporary Rug

A carpet in every living room is absolutely obligatory – it allows for a neat separation of the sitting area. In Aniston’s living room that role is played by a minimalist silk rug in a snowy shade. Not only does it pamper the senses with its soft and luminous pile but also it organizes and optically enlarges the space.

The Office


“If I wasn’t an actress, I’d want to be a designer. I love the process,” Jennifer says. “There’s something about picking out fabrics and finishes that feeds my soul.” Looking at this gorgeous office with a home library in one, kept in a brown and green color palette with a few exotic accents, we have no doubts she truly speaks from the heart.

Editor’s choice

oriental area rug in living room
Antique Indian Rug 

The atmosphere of the bygone era is clearly perceptible – a pair of vintage leather club chairs face a desk by Don S. Shoemaker from JF Chen, creating a perfect match with the majestic antique oriental rug. The beige and caramel hues on the carpet constitute an ideal setting for the emerald main theme of the room. Both the lamp and the art piece behind the dashing desk wonderfully correspond with the extinguished shade of the walls. Pure class.

The Powder Room

/oriental-rug-in-jennifer-anistons-bathroom Inspired by the countries of the Orient, the powder room impresses us with perfect balance between the modern equipment (like the simple washbasin or lamps) and the recherché atmosphere set up by gold and black colors, the wallpaper hand-painted in whimsical floral motifs, the golden statuette, and finally – the oriental rug. In this case, the floor covering slightly relieves the space thanks to its light and elegant palette.

Editor’s choice

Antique Persian Rug

We totally adore and root for the trend for rugs in bathrooms! Nothing provides you more snugness and warmth in your home SPA than a properly adjusted carpet, and the lover of comfort such as Jennifer fully realizes this potential.

The Master Bedroom


Aniston’s propensity for pursuing coziness is fully reflected in the bedroom. The airy and tranquil space is a paradise for the senses, brimming with soft fabrics and pleasant textures. The room exhibits an interesting way of using the trend for layering rugs. The large bright area carpet constitutes the background of the décor, whereas the shaggy rug placed on the platform, made of fine pashmina wool and rendered in a delightful caramel hue, gives the occasion for bare feet to step on the heavenly pile just before joyfully diving into the sheets.

 Editor’s choice

white area rug in living room
Modern Silk Rug

Such a solution adds spatiality and unobtrusively separates its individual zones. Neutral colors, ever-present on walls, rugs and other accessories, make sure nothing disturbs the sleep – well, maybe except for the dog who obviously also likes to take a nap here!

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