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Useful Art of Orient

A carpet can completely change the character of the interior. Recently glamorous large oriental rugs has returned to fashion. Interesting and fancy design, referring to the styling motifs from the Middle East, China and the Caucasus has been influencing the carpets bought for quite modern interiors.

Although it may seem to us that large oriental rugs are fit only for the classic interior, they blend in well in the living rooms decorated in a minimalist style. Stylized Persians carpets add style and elegance to our homes. Thanks to them, salon can gain seriousness and become a more luxurious interior.

Modern “Persians” and other oriental carpets are not the same as the old classic counterparts. Although they refer to the style of their ancestors, in reality they are ingeniously varied. Some are modern, other three dimensionally trimmed or even specially antiqued. This antiqued style, the English call “used look” and it depends on the fact that the new carpet looks slightly washed-out and a little worn here and there.

Large oriental rugs may be prepared from polypropylene yarn and other synthetic fibers. However, the real carpets of the Orient are woven by hand from wool and silk. They come mainly from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Iran, however, carpets are woven from silk alone . Sometimes oriental carpets are a combination of wool and silk threads. With the addition of silk threads, carpet takes gloss. Unique patterns of hand-woven carpets are often unique. These exclusive rugs look best in the living room, which is the most representative part of our house.

Precisely woven oriental rugs, made of natural wool, are not only a beautiful piece of art. They are also characterized by the properties that help to keep the house at an adequate level of humidity. This is because the wool absorbs the excess of moisture from the room, and then, when it is dry, the moisture begins to gradually vaporize

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