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Kurdish Rugs

Bidjar is a small Kurdish city located in East Iran. It is the place where people created the first hand-woven Kurdish rugs. At first, they became famous Kurdish villages and later in the rest of the continent.

The Features of Kurdish Rugs

What distinguishes the Bidjar Kurdish rugs is above all their amazing endurance. To produce such a rug, the weavers use a heavy wooden and metal comb. They beat the knots with it. Thanks to this process the bristle is stiff. The surface of a rug is homogenous, dense and hard. It may seem that these are rather non-desirable features. However, they are a form of protection from dirt such as mud or sand. On the rugs, one can spot Turkish patterns woven in red and beige.

Where to Find Kurdish Rugs and How to Style Them

To come across a Kurdish rug, it is not necessary to come to Kurdistan. Nowadays we can find these carpets all over the world. The rugs produced by the Kurds gained the appreciation of many people primarily due to their quality. It amazes people that a rug is not only an object of pure beauty but also of great utility. When it comes to rug care, it is enough to brush or vacuum it to make the rug look like a new one.

Kurdish rugs come in different sizes – there is no rule. There are small rugs that fit into every hall and the big ones which are appropriate to an enormous living room. Every hand-woven Bidjar gives an impression of coziness. It is perfect for public places and small apartments. It fits practically every place it appears.