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Kayseri Rugs

Kayseri is the name of the region in Turkey and also a name for carpets manufactured there.

In the fourteenth century, the famous traveler Marco Polo on his way from Persia visited the Ottoman Empire and Kayseri. In the diaries of his travels, he mentioned that this is the region where the most beautiful carpets, with the most beautiful colors, are made.

Nowadays, Kayseri rugs are among the most exclusive Turkish carpets required by customers all over the world. The most distinguishing feature of those rugs is their fine weaving and the materials used, which are wool, silk and also artificial silk. The patterns and designs are similar to those coming from other regions in Turkey.

The Kayseri carpets nowadays are produced mainly for export and in the western world, it is “Kayseri” that is the best known and most often desired name for all hand knotted Turkish carpets.

The rugs are well and carefully constructed and even present day carpets do not look and feel so well. Fine weavery and the short pile is accompanied by deep colors and strong design, together making a carpet that is both practical and pleasant for the eye. The Kayseri carpets are also very thin and thanks to their strength and durability – easy to clean.

They are perfect for dining rooms, as short pile makes it easy for a dining chair to slide. Any Kayseri rug will work well in an entrance hall or any other high-traffic area in your house. The designs and colors match almost any kind of interior, both contemporary and the more traditional one.

If you choose a silk Kayseri rug, an eye-catching and very elegant addition will be accomplished. Putting it on the floor or on the wall will definitely make a statement in your carefully designed environment.

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