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Iran is a Big Rug

Iran is a place which should be visited by every enthusiast and maven of rugs. It is a place where every rug would go if it had a bit of life in itself. It is a country where every rug which is now lying at our homes had its beginning.

 It was centuries ago, and the Iranians are still the nation where the majority of people is works in the production of the Iranian rugs – amazing.

There are so many rugs produced in Iran that it is even hard to mark every place on the map where it is done. In fact, every district can have its own Iranian rugs since its name depends on where it was produced and who it was made by. As for instance the Abdeh rug which was called so in honor of the city which is located between the cities of Sziraz and Sziraz. The city which would rather not encourage many tourists but for every fan of the Iranian rugs it is a real gold mine. Rugs of a very good quality are produced here and it is difficult to pass on them indifferently. The Iranian rugs are red and brown linked by the shades of blue with lockets in the center and in the corners of the rug. The Iranian rugs are often covered with different kinds of birds and animals.
There are more places like that. As for instance, the city of Sanneh, located in the western part of Iran. The rugs which are produced there, are of course called the same as their province is – Sanneh. It could not be in a different way. In the city, the Kurds weave very solid rugs the colors of which strike the eyes with their bright colors. The rugs are very elegant with a very rich design and the unique motifs which could not be find somewhere else. Often, the motifs of lozenges could be seen on them as well as the Herati patterns. The main colors that we could see on the Iranian rugs are navy and red.

Such a situation takes place in almost every city in Iran. It is difficult to come across a community which would not have its own rug. It is pride of every Iranian which is in her or his blood in fact. Fostered and developed for centuries, survived until the present day – in the modern form (the mechanically weaved rugs) as well as in the other one – the old-fashioned (the manually weaved rugs).

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