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Oversized Modern Hemp Rug
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Oversized Modern Hemp Rug N11164 14'0" × 24'2" $33,000

Plant-based custom rugs are steadily gaining popularity among interior designers and contemporary carpet aficionados. Ecological and durable, they are a perfect choice for a practical household. However, few textiles make as good material for weaving as hemp does. One of the reasons why contemporary carpets made of hemp draw so much attention is their positive impact on the environment. Cannabis plants grow extremely fast in any kind of climate and terrain, without any need for artificial fertilizers which could pollute the soil. During the production, every part of the plant is utilized, making the process practical and cheap.

This stunning geometric rug is bound to charm not only you, but also your family and guests. It was hand knotted with great care, which can be seen in the superb quality of its weave. Hemp fibers used during the process of production ensured durability of this contemporary rug, making it a great investment for the future. When it comes to its design, the rug boasts quite elegant all over geometric pattern, which depicts a series of squares linked with each other though short lines. Color palette accompanying this piece is well balanced, as it contains both darker hues such as deep brown, and lighter ones like beige and gray.

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Price: $33,000

Item No.: N11164 Size: 14'0" × 24'2" (426 × 736 cm)
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