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Expensive Rugs

When designing the interior of your dream house, choosing what to cover the floors with is one of the most important decisions. Bare floors may be beautiful but nothing gives the warm, cozy and family atmosphere to the house as a properly chosen carpet. Expensive rugs are often distinguished by the finest quality.

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What Makes a Rug Expensive

In the market of rugs the choice is huge.  There are expensive carpets, but also budget rugs. The latter you can buy at stores like Ikea. The epensive ones you can find for example at auctions. However, they are often sold for millions of dollars. They are valuable works of art. Thus, it is easy to understand their high price. Nowadays, the rug intustry has deveopled on a large scale. As a result, it is possible to buy a high quality machine-made rug for a reasonable amount of money. But the handmade rugs are those of the highest quality, durability, and beauty. What makes the price high or low, is the material that the artisans used. For example, it can be wool or silk. The other factors are: the quality of the material, the place of origin, the pattern, the historical popularity and value.

Valuable Persian Rugs

Among handwoven carpets, oriental carpets, especially Persian rugs, are most appreciated and most valuable. And among Persian rugs – the antique ones can rich really high prices. But they are worth each single dollar as they are true works of art. What is more, there is an added value to a handwoven Persian rug. It’s not only a piece of art, but also an object that you can use. You may feel it and touch it – not just admire it from time to time. Expensive rugs are usually worthy of their price. High-quality wool, months of hard work of many weavers to complete just one carpet, unique patterns and colors make a rug expensive. Additions of silk yarn and metal (silver, gold) threads count up to a rug’s beauty and make it more expensive. A hundred percent silk rug, especially an antique one, will be among the ones with the highest prices ever, but owning a piece like that is a unique experience in life.