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Contemporary Water Design N11368 10'0" × 14'0" $15,000

This uniquely designed pile-weave strikingly resembles a traditional Japanese tatami mat, which used to be a measure of rooms’ surfaces. Delectable pile-weave, performed with use of woolen and silky fibers, gently shimmers with shades of beige and chocolate brown – where the beige establishes the background and the brown appears as a pattern of thin perpendicular lines in the central part of the Art Deco carpet. The whole is highly unique due to its untypical scheme. The border colored in tasty caramel tint closes the composition able to add some charming order to your space, just as a Japanese tatami.

Modern area rugs are the embodiment of the modernist progressive thought with the preservation of the finest weaving traditions and centuries-long techniques, providing Deco rugs with a classic and luxurious feel. Art Deco rugs combine the ancient craft with rather contemporary aesthetics, incorporating such iconic design influences as neoclassicism, constructivism, cubism, minimalism, modernism or art nouveau. A new approach to the general appearance of carpets – extensive geometricism, perturbation of symmetry, limitation of the once extremely opulent patterns, and brand new color combinations – gave Art Deco rugs the power to even further influence the setting in which they appear.


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Price: $15,000

Item No.: N11368 Size: 10'0" × 14'0" (304 × 426 cm)
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