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Contemporary rugs are among very few pieces of decor boasting such diversity of their designs. Nowadays you can acquire a modern rug in any shape, size or style imaginable, with relatively little effort. No wonder that their popularity skyrocketed – what else can change an interior as successfully as a good quality new carpet? Among all available designs, floral rugs usually gather the most attention due to their natural beauty and skillfully applied patterns. It would be difficult to imagine something that inspires artists more than nature, and floral rugs utilize this knowledge in ways which will surprise even the most experiences carpet aficionados.

This stunning contemporary rug immediately draws the eye, thanks to its unusual form and exquisite design. Rug’s size, 8’0″ × 10’0″ (244 × 305 cm), makes it a great addition to any household, especially one in dire need of some classic elegance. The pattern features a patchwork-like composition, with all elements distinguishing themselves despite shared similarities. Floral palmettes of different sizes cover the surface in an all over pattern. Color palette of this floral rug consists of two rather modest shades of gray, which brought together help to highlight all the best features of the pattern.

Here, at Doris Leslie Blau, we are proud to offer you only the best contemporary rugs available. Our crew at Doris Leslie Blau works hard day and night to deliver you only the best antique rugs and contemporary carpets. Now you can also enjoy beauty of authentic luxurious rugs without  even leaving your home!

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Item No.: N10974 Size: 8'0" × 10'0" (243 × 304 cm)
Style: Floral