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Color Theory Show By Doris Leslie Blau

“Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” – these words by Paul Gauguin will be guiding us during the one and only Color Theory Show. What is it? Where and when is it going to take place? Keep reading and you’ll soon find out!

Color Theory Show

Nader Bolour, the owner of Doris Leslie Blau Gallery, the renowned dealer of fine antique, vintage and contemporary rugs, will be hosting a unique Color Theory Show in May at 306 East 61st Street. A special opening reception on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, from 5 to 8 p.m., will celebrate the use of color in design schemes. What does it mean? “Our reception will showcase the eleven colors across the spectrum most used in rugs and capture the magic that happens when a select group of preeminent rugs is viewed through an evolving color prism”, explains Nader and repeats after Einstein that “creativity is intelligence having fun.” All who expect creative activities and art-oriented discussions will not be disappointed. According to Bolour, each guest will have an opportunity to try their hand at creating pleasing tonal juxtapositions. “Color is back in a big way,” commented Bolour, adding, “the Color Theory Show will graphically demonstrate how different color pairings can create entirely different effects.”

Donald Kaufman and Carey Maloney -Stars of the Evening

That’s not all. As every big show, this one is also going to have a headliner. Here, the centerpiece of the evening cocktail party will be a conversation between Donald Kaufman and designer Carey Maloney of M(Group). The two men will discuss the characteristic of carpet color versus paint color, how the color of a room relates to the color of a carpet and where tonal depth in carpets comes from. Every design aficionado should already be over the moon 😉 To turn up the atmosphere even further, we may reveal that the icons of interior decorating –Jennifer Post, Marshall Watson and Bunny Williams – are among those expected to attend.

Color Theory Coffee Table Book

There is one more surprise for the venerable guests who will decide to attend the show. Each person is going to receive a unique coffee table book containing carefully selected rugs and carpets set in the context of 11 colors. From the alpine snow white to the black of a night in a deep forest, shades are the guide gently walking the readers through different chapters of the book. The main emphasis is put on the color consciousness in design and the connotations associated with different hues, which may vary depending on the nature, sensitivity, or cultural background of a person. This beautifully edited volume is not only a fantastic entertainment but also a chic home accessory which will constitute a perfect addition to a coffee table arrangement. You can’t miss it!

About Doris Leslie Blau

Located in New York City, Doris Leslie Blau Gallery ( has served as purveyor and advisor to interior designers and individual customers for over five decades. Among their clients are Architectural Digest’s “Top 100 Designers” and some of the finest up-and-coming international decorators, designers and architects. Under Nader Bolour’s incomparable leadership in the luxury carpet realm, the firm prides itself on bridging the gap among art, craft and design by promoting rugs as key elements of interior décor. Although Doris Leslie Blau is a prestigious name in antique and vintage rugs, in the past decade they have established themselves as a leading source of fine custom rugs as well.

About Donald Kaufman Color

Donald Kaufman is an artist who discovered that special pigment blends could give unique dimension to standard architectural paint. He has worked with his wife and partner, artist Taffy Dahl, for the past thirty years, becoming virtually synonymous with color. Donald Kaufman’s work has been collected or shown by the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Among others, he has developed a flourishing, couture-like business, inventing colors and palettes in situ for A-list architects, designers and clients. In 1992, Kaufman introduced his first collection of 104 readymade paints for consumers. He and Dahl have written two books on color.

About M(Group)

Named to Architectural Digest’s AD100 this year, M(Group) LLC is an award-winning architecture and interior design firm specializing in residential projects. The partners, architect Hermes Mallea, AIA, and interior designer Carey Maloney, have worked together for thirty years, creating beautiful, comfortable, sophisticated homes for an international clientele. M(Group)’s work has garnered editorial accolades from a wide range of media. M(Group) exclusively uses Donald Kaufman colors in all projects.