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Chinese Deco Rugs in Eclectic Interiors

When asking themselves about what an eclectic interior is, many people struggle to find a sufficient answer.

 This should come as no surprise, as eclectic encompasses numerous styles, taking what is best from each of them. As one of the most creative ways of designing an interior, eclectic style is extremely diverse and original. Not all carpets will suit a room like that but luckily, Chinese Art Deco rugs seem to have been made for people fascinated with eclectics.

When it comes to eclectic style, the more color the better and this is why Chinese Deco rugs fit it so well. Made between two world wars, this type of rugs incorporates traditional European approach to textiles with vibrant palettes of the East. Brave colorings and silken piles resemble shining jewels, proudly decorating any room they are found in. Deep purple, pink and blue appear most often, although colors such as teal or red can also be present. When it comes to their designs, the most popular are typically Chinese motifs, such as plum flowers, lotuses, bamboos but also peacocks, butterflies and cranes. This oriental feel is what earned Chinese Deco carpets such tremendous popularity among Westerners, especially in North America. They work great with other kinds of patterns, even if they look totally different.

When it comes to the furniture, there is really no need to limit yourself to any particular forms. Instead, let your imagination guide you! Vintage Art Deco rugs look great when juxtaposed with wooden furnishings, however glass and metal create a sharp yet interesting contrast between their hardness and silkiness of the rug’s pile. There are designers who suggest that classic furniture made of unusual materials such as plastic or driftwood suit the eclectic style best, but the final decision is up to you.

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