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Vintage Chinese Deco Rug BB6080

Price: $5,000

This charming, minimalistic creation is a fine example of genuine vintage style area rugs. Although its overall design is rather simple and adjusted to western tastes, it has a perceptible Asian feel to it. The rich chocolate brown background of the main field is adorned with three concentric roundels with ivory and beige floral motifs and centerpieces which are intriguingly located – two medallions reside in the left upper corner and one is alone in the bottom right side of the chinese red carpet.

The final touch is added by two thin stripes running along the borders and enclosing the composition. Such simple yet refined design has a chance to add elegance and glamour to absolutely any kind of interior arrangement, from classic to modern, but it will look absolutely stunning in a Hollywood Regency-styled setting. Needless to say, the piece is not only beautiful but also utterly qualitative. It was thoroughly hand-executed of the finest wool in accordance with centuries-long weaving techniques by a skilled artisan.

Thanks to such masterful making, this vintage rug has lasted unblemished until this day and surely will serve its owners for generations. The rug firm pile resembling a luminous equine coat will be the pride of any décor.

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Item No.: BB6080 Circa: 1940 Size: 8'3" × 11'0" (251 × 335 cm)
Color: Brown Style: Casual