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Bokhara Rugs

“Bokhara” is both the name of a carpet manufactured in a region of such name, and of a motif or pattern used on carpets. Bokhara is a town in Western Turkestan in Central Asia, very important center of carpet manufacturing and trading place. The carpets are traditionally made by the tribes inhabiting that region, originally made by nomadic tribes.

Bokhara pattern is a repetitive pattern all over a carpet, with Göl motif, which an elephant’s foot-like motif, quite often octagonal. Details and colors of the motif depended on the tribe and one could identify the source of a rug, knowing that. A special feature distinguishes these carpets: the edges, called kilim, are also woven with patterns.

Stunning colors are also what makes Bokhara rugs unique. Nuances of red with the touches of beige are typical, also shades of gold with darker color details. The deep and almost mystical red colors, completed with beige and blue elements, are typical for Bokhara rugs. 

The touch and feel of a Bokhara carpet is one of a kind. The wool used is top quality and very often lots of silk is woven into the rug, even as much as 80 per cent. Sometimes even all silk carpets, with rough silk base are being made. Such carpet feels extremely smooth and the silk also gives a unique shade of beige, glowing in the light. 

However, no matter how impressive, beautiful, and shimmering Bokhara carpets are, they are made with an intention to be used. Due to their softness and silky feel, the best room for a carpet like that would be the one where you can step barefoot, mainly your bedroom. Bokhara carpets are available in all sizes, so covering even a bigger space will not be a problem.

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