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Blue Persian Rugs

While much more expensive and rare than synthetic ones, natural dyes remain a symbol of elegance and high quality among carpet aficionados. Authentic antique Persian carpets display a diverse range of beautiful colors, satisfying even the most demanding collectors. Among this mosaic of hues, blue Persian rugs remain one of the most beautiful.

Blue colorants are derived mostly from tropical plants bearing indigo dye. Many scholars believe that India is the world’s oldest dyeing center, as it was a primary dye supplier for Europe as early as Antiquity. Even the name indigo itself reflects on the connection with this Asian country. However, plants bearing this specific dye were found even in Europe, Central and South Americas, as well as other countries of Asia such as China and Japan. In blue Persian carpet blue dye is derived from Indigofera tinctoria, a plant known also as “true indigo” which produces best quality dye. Although colors mostly associated with Persian rugs are various shades of red and yellow, there are numerous carpets which incorporated blue as their dominant hue. Woven goods produced in the Iranian villages of Isfahan, Nain, and Qom are especially known for diverse palettes containing various shades of exquisite indigo, but it is not unusual to see single pieces produced in various settlements in this very color. Ultimately it all depends on the weaver’s choice of dyes.

Comparing to their more “lively” colored counterparts, blue vintage rugs have a much calmer aura which fits modern interiors perfectly. Their quiet elegance and harmony help us concentrate on beautiful patterns highlighted by a harmonious palette. Juxtaposed with red and white, they are a marvelous sight. While using them to decorate, one has to be careful not to visually cool the room. It might be a good idea to use warmly-colored accessories that will additionally complement the stunning carpet.

Blue Persian Rug