Aubusson Geometric Rug by Parkin Saunders N11887 by DLB
Aubusson Geometric Rug by Parkin Saunders
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Aubusson Geometric Rug by Parkin Saunders N11887 5'10" × 9'0" $4,000

The world of contemporary rugs is more diverse than many people realize, especially when it comes to custom carpets. Those craving a true originality can express themselves, while rug aficionados will surely appreciate fine quality of custom rugs. Aubusson rugs are especially famous in this regard, thanks to their elegant designs and high quality of weave.

This stunning flat weave rug is a dream come true of any interior designer. Made of the highest quality materials, it is not only durable, but also extremely flexible. It will surely fit a wide range of interiors, from modern to classic. The design of this Aubusson rug can only be described as minimalistic. It features a series of arrowheads, pointing upwards and downwards, brought together in a perfectly harmonious composition. The hole is framed by a thin border, almost unnoticed among the pattern. Color palette features warm shades of beige and brown with a small addition of much cooler black.

Doris Leslie Blau’s high quality collection of antique rugs and contemporary carpets draws attention of even the best interior design magazines in the industry, such as Elle Decor or Architectural Digest. If you are looking for a perfect carpet for your interior, be sure to browse through our website and indulge in luxurious shopping experience.


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Price: $4,000

Item No.: N11887 Size: 5'10" × 9'0" (177 × 274 cm)
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