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Eight-Pointed Star Meaning

An eight-pointed star, or an octagram, is a regular self-intersecting octagon. It is a well known and widely recognized symbol, with many meanings which depend on the region, culture or the spiritual system. Just to mention a few examples: the ancient Babylonians believed that an eight pointed star represented the goddess Ishtar, associated with the planet Venus. In Judeo-Christian culture, it is an agent for new beginnings.

Egyptians believed that it represented eight deities, four male gods and four female gods, known as the Ogdoad. However, a universal meaning of such stars is that they stand for life, from our birth to death and the wisdom we all possess, no matter how rich or poor we are.

The symbol may be found drawn, painted, carved or woven on many objects people used in the past and use nowadays. For example, it is a traditional pattern for winter clothing in Norway, called a selburose there.

Persian tabriz

In carpet designs, an eight-pointed star also can be seen very often. In appears on Caucasian antique rugs, woven by weavers who lived a simple life with little possession in their tribes and believed that the most valuable possession each man carries within himself – his wisdom. That is why the symbol is also called a Star of Wisdom.

In Persian rugs, the star is a symbol of good luck and spirituality. A similar meaning is connoted with Turkish rugs, as the Turks believed that to see a star in your dream will bring good luck to you.

Generally, in oriental rugs stars are symbols of protection against evil, summoning up the happiness. An eight-pointed star may be also connected with some kind of spiritual revelation, as in some cultures it is called Salomon’s star or Mohammed’s jewel.

Many names and slightly different meanings mean one thing that is doubtless: the symbol is very old, used for centuries and as the meanings are all positive, one can be sure that buying a carpet with an eight-pointed star motif will bring good luck to his home.

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