Swedish Geometric Flat-Weave Rug BB6636 by DLB
Swedish Geometric Flat-Weave Rug
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Swedish Geometric Flat-Weave Rug BB6636 1'10" × 3'5" $2,000

Scandinavian rugs are widely known and sought-after around the world due to their simplicity, nature-inspired patterns and impeccable execution. This Swedish flat weave, however, may be a rare treat even to the true connoisseurs of the Northern-European weaving. Its uniqueness derives from the design that successfully combines two aesthetic worlds – Oriental and Occidental.

The main field of the vintage rug, bearing an allover lattice of diamond-enclosed flowers and three octagonal medallions filled with geometric motifs, has a perceptible Middle-Eastern feel to it. An expert eye may spot there classic kilim motifs such as Çengel, Haç, Yıldız or Göz. This applies also to the zigzagged borders which in the East symbolize running water – a very scarce resource in the desert.

The antique rug’s color palette is yet another element that seamlessly marries two different philosophies of beauty. The prevailing trio of red, sandy beige and black is rather typical of the Orient but the shades are toned and composed in a Scandinavian manner.

Carefully hand-woven of top-notch wool, this Swedish rug represents the Northern perfection and the Oriental soul. If properly maintained, it will remain glorious for many generations, bringing its owners the sheer joy of art beyond boundaries and divisions.


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Price: $2,000

Item No.: BB6636 Circa: 1945 Size: 1'10" × 3'5" (55 × 104 cm)
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