Large Antique Indian Amritsar Rug
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Large Antique Indian Amritsar Rug BB6792

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A unique piece of antique Indian Armitsar rug weaving, this carpet contains an elaborate tableau of all-over floral patterns and arabesques on a field of stunning light blue. The main border is an ornate rectangular perimeter containing more botanical patterns against a background of light beige. Amritsar rugs and carpets are produced in Amritsar, located in the northwest of India, near the Kashmir region.

The weavers of Amritsar created unique textiles in part because they had not developed a distinctive style of indian rugs making until the early nineteenth century; while regions of southern and western India began weaving Persian-influenced extra large area rugs during the reign of the Mughal emperors, the weavers of Amritsar took their direction from the sensibilities of the West. This antique rug from north Indian Armitsar carpet exemplifies the unique tradition that combines two worlds in a final product sure to stand out.


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Item No.: BB6792 Size: 14'0" × 18'4" (426 × 558 cm)
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