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Announcing the DLB Android app!

We’re very excited to introduce you to our new Doris Leslie Blau smartphone app available for Android devices. (Sorry iPhone users, but your version is on the way.) This is a great tool for keeping track of which rugs you’re interested in and also for communicating with us directly.

Andriod app DLB

When we initiated the design process for this project, we asked ourselves: How can we make life easier for our interior designers? And the solution we can up with is a simple application that allows users to view all the images and information related to our rugs, save preferred items to a Favorites List, and then contact DLB with questions related to those products.

We have such a wide collection across contemporary and antique categories, we understand that figuring out what the best rug is can sometimes feel like choice overload. The app offers a new way to filter and store textile information, thus helping streamline the selection process. Plus, now there’s a convenient way to spend your train ride feasting the eyes on some truly gorgeous textiles.