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Andy Warhol – Artist and Business Man

An influential and extremely talented artist, Andy Warhol was born in 1928 in an immigrant family. After a childhood marked by sickness and loneliness, little by little he started to gain fame. Warhol began by creating creative ads for various products.

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Whimsical ink drawings for shoe advertising earned him a place at the Bodley Gallery’s showing in New York. Sometime later, RCA Records, an American major record label, hired Warhol as one of their freelance artists. However, the true expansion of his art began in the 1960’s. Warhol’s most famous paintings, such as Campbell’s Soup Cans, Coca-Cola bottles and portraits of various celebrities became foundations of his artistic career. After founding his studio dubbed “The Factory” other creators started to gather around him, looking for guidance and advice.

Next two decades were much more quieter, comparing to Warhol’s boom in the 60’s. Instead of underground artist, he became an entrepreneur, something that earned him a critique of fellow artists. The majority of his paintings at that time were portraits of famous politicians and celebs such as Brigitte Bardot and John Lennon. In order to stay in touch with contemporary art, Warhol took young promising artists as his protégés, helping them achieve greatness and fame.

His death in 1987 was a shock for everyone who knew him. Great crowd that appeared at Andy’s funeral was composed not only of celebrities and VIP’s, but also ordinary people who came to love how Warhol made everyday objects look special and beautiful. Even in death his fame survived, possibly bigger than ever. It’s no surprise that many of his art pieces re-appeared in various forms – including carpets. Finding a rug with Campbell’s Soup Can or famous Marylin Monroe’s painting is far from difficult.

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Campbells soup cans by andy warhol