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Round Vintage Rugs

People tend to think of carpets as rectangular and such presupposition is fully justified as most rugs are right-angled indeed. This shape results from the way traditional looms were constructed and, obviously, the fact that the overwhelming majority of rooms has usually been orthogonal. Nonetheless, as the times changed and techniques advanced, weavers began experimenting not only with colors and patterns but also different forms of rugs.


The major breakthrough happened in the first half of the 20th century with the revolutionary ideas propagated by modernists. They stood against the overabundance and pomp in the field of arts and crafts, proclaiming the power of practicality and moderation. They were also prone to experimenting with form and tended to represent the reality in an abstract way. During that period many art trends were born, including Art Deco, Arts&Crafts or Cubism. These groundbreaking changes soon entered the realm of weaving and resulted in a completely new perception of carpets. Many of rugs produced at the time were distinguished by simple, geometric designs spiced up with bold colors and a round shape. 

Rugs are extremely exceptional utilitarian objects. Besides serving strictly practical functions of warming up and completing the interior, within their borders they encompass fine art, masterful craft and rich historical heritage. Moreover, they are perfect space definers which make it easier to plan the layout of a room. A rug by the bed is an excellent option which allows your feet to start the day by feeling a soft, delicate pile. A carpet by the couch is almost compulsory – a properly matched, shaggy one may become an additional seat, even more tempting than the sofa itself. A dining room without a piece of good-quality rug seems cold and unwelcoming. These awe-inspiring fabrics can find their place and refine the space around them practically anywhere. A round vintage rug gives you endless opportunities in terms of application. It may be an elegant addition to a classic round wooden tea-table or introduce an intriguing stir in a modernly arranged, futuristic abode.

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