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For those of us who are mystically or spiritually inclined: 8 carpets from the Doris Leslie Blau collection that conjure and reflect the many questions of life and the universe.

Tibetan Rug BB5123. Size: 5’2” × 2’7” Circa: 1900 $12,000

Chinese rug
Chinese Rug BB2640 11’8” × 9’10” Circa: 1850 $20,000

An exceptional mid-19th century Chinese antique rug, the abrashed light brown field with sparse cloud forms and depiction of dragon in the center.

antique rug
Indian fragment Rug BB4121 6’3” × 4’9” 1900 $9,000

An early 20th century antique Indian fragment rug, the light brown field with an indigo symmetrical, but frenetic design throughout.

antique rug
Modernist Rug BB4334 11’2” × 8’2” Circa: 1940 $40,000

A second quarter 20th century modernist rug, the sand field with an overblown irregular medallion with curving fire.

French Art Deco Rug BB4545 9′ × 5’10” 1930 $35,000

An early 20th century French Art Deco landscape rug depicting abstracted hills and trees – with a dynamic depiction of light come from the sky.

Chinese Deco Rug BB2353 19’8” × 13’1” Circa: 1920 $65,000

An early 20th century Chinese Dragon design rug depicting dragons in levels above the surface of the living world.

French Deco Rug by Paul Follot BB4966 12’7” × 12’7” 1925 $95,000

A Circular Art Deco Rug Designed by Paul Follot for the Salon de Musique – an interior in Paris also of his own design. Perfect for channeling your inner Susan Miller.

Samarkand (Khotan) Carpet BB4369 10′ × 4’9” 1900 $28,000

An antique early 20th century Samarkand (Khotan) carpet, the yellow field with vines and geometric floral motifs around ying-yang medallions along the center.