William Sofield is considered one of the most thoughtful talents of his generation. A rigorous Modernist, Sofield believes in the credo that design must live as well as it looks. His work is defined not by a particular style, but by a holistic approach to design that addresses the requirements of living and where luxury emanates from fidelity to craft. Materials and architectural details take their cue from the context of the project at hand with careful consideration for function and a client’s individual personality and needs. His furniture and product design is imbued with a sophisticated respect for materiality and a concern for how a design should improve with use and age to become an object of legacy. Mr. Sofield has been described by Interior Design magazine as a ‘choreographer’ of spaces.

In 1983, Mr. Sofield received his degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from Princeton University, following an academic focus on Art History and European Cultural Studies. He is also the recipient of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Interior Design for 2010.

He founded Studio Sofield in 1996 with the express goal of integrating multiple design disciplines. The Studio’s vast portfolio includes residential, retail, hospitality, office, and landscape design. Under Kohler Interiors, Sofield created for Baker his first furniture line, The Bill Sofield Collection the Jeton Collection, a complete bathroom suite for Kallista and a series under Design Masters, a new hospitality collection for Mark David.

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