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Vintage Moroccan Rug BB6208

Price: $4,000

A mid 20th century vintage Moroccan rug, Origin: Morocco. This 20th century Moroccan carpet has a soft, almost fur-like texture, which makes you want to run your hand through its delightful pile. Carpet’s while color is balanced with diamond-shaped black pattern, dotted with occasional circles. Handmade by the member of tribe, which lived (and maybe still lives) in Morocco, this vintage rug is a rarity and a symbol of the indigenous Moroccans’ culture.

Those people don’t seek any artistic training, instead, they pass their techniques from generation to generation, drawing from their rich heritage and centuries-worth of knowledge. Antique carpets as this one are the result of such education. Pattern’s lack of symmetry has a rugged kind of charm, reminding of abstract paintings, made by modern artists. Surrounded by the right furniture, this moroccan rug will make any interior unique and original.

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Item No.: BB6208 Circa: 1960 Size: 6'2" × 10'0" (187 × 304 cm)
Color: Gray Style: Casual, Geometric, Moroccan Rugs