Vintage Hooked Rug BB7410 by DLB
Vintage Hooked Rug

Vintage Hooked Rug BB7410 5'10" × 9'0" $4,000

A modern second quarter 20th century hooked antique carpet having an overall lozenge lattice formed of green and pink pastel miniature diamond bands and containing black lozenges with abstract bouquets.

The arcana of doing domestic chores by our ancestors are very often shrouded in mystery because the chroniclers were not especially eager to describe mundane details of everyday life, at least not until the19th century. Finding evidence on the origins of hooked rugs and kitchen rag rugs presents certain difficulties not only because there are few written records, but also because they were not precious fabrics hung on walls, but utilitarian objects which were thrown out after being worn out. Nevertheless, rag vintage area rugs and hooked rugs have been an important part of all households, wealthy and poor alike.


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Price: $4,000

Item No.: BB7410 Circa: 1930 Size: 5'10" × 9'0" (177 × 274 cm)