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The 2019 Pantone Color Of the Year: How to Decorate With Living Coral?

The color of 2019 is chosen! This time Pantone puts on Living Coral, a vibrant yet mellow shade which takes us under the surface of the sea not only with its appearance but also deep message that stands behind it. According to Pantone, Living Coral is “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” In contrast to last year’s Ultraviolet, the new color is less controversial and much more versatile.  We’ve prepared several tips to make decorating with Living Coral even more enjoyable!

Total Coral

pantone living coral interior decor (18) Despite its generally calm nature, the overall coral is a bold move. If you’re not big on intense interiors, it’s better to focus on coral additives. If, however, you like the vision of coral walls, we suggest to combine it with an eclectic arrangement. The best way to do that? Mix Living Coral with vintage furniture, oriental carpets, patterned accessories and wall art. It’s a sure recipe for an artistic interior with character – a bit like in the films of Wes Anderson.

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henny van belkom for anthology magazine
pantone living coral interior decor (16)
Steven Gambrel

Living Coral + Black

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styled by heather nette king
pantone living coral decor1

The new color of the year is bright and vivid thus it will work amazingly with dark interiors. The in-vogue black walls put together with a sofa in coral velvet upholstery will create a stylish contrast. It’s a great way to lighten the room and introduce a little freshness. Add on top of this a bit of golden elements to bring out the golden undertone of Living Color. A truly palatial effect guaranteed.

pantone living coral decor
via DesignSponge

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Coral Wallpaper

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A wallpaper unusually enlivens the interior and helps to set the right tone. In the coming year, wallpapers will be one of the top trends (we are already observing the flood of ‘statement walls’ on Pinterest). Therefore, we predict that Living Coral and wallpapers will join forces. Such a combination is a great way to diversify an interior and create something truly original, in, for example, the bathroom. Take a look at this one with herons and dragonflies in the home of Susan M. Petersen. We are absolutely mesmerized!

living coral interior decor
Susan M. Petersen Home
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Living Coral Accessories

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antique oriental rugs
Oriental Turkish Rug

As mentioned before, Living Coral offers a wide range of applications. It will be fantastic as an addition to interiors maintained in earthy shades (beige, gray whites). In Scandinavian or Rustic style it will feel great because of the large presence of wood. The color will also fit into more elegant abodes like Mid-Century Modern or Classic. These will gladly embrace it as an accent in the form of tableware (a vase!), curtains, pillows, painting or rug.

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Modern Rug
pantone living coral interior decor (7)
Antique Oriental Rug
pantone living coral interior decor (14)
Photos by Ungano + Agriodimas

BONUS – Living Coral Q&A with Nader Bolour, the President of DLB:

1) What do you think of the Pantone Color of the Year?

Pantone “Living Coral” is a fresh, life-affirming, joyful color that awakens all our senses. It symbolizes freedom, all things natural, and our innate pursuit of joy and optimism. We love it for its bold hue and for its even bolder message. With the word’s corals at risk of extinction, we can’t do enough to bring awareness to the situation.

2) How do you suggest using Living Coral to make a big impact?

We suggest using coral as a color accent. Less is more, especially with daring colors. It will make the biggest impact when added to neutral interiors.

3) How do you suggest using Living Coral in small touches?

You can select carpets and patterned fabrics that blend very little coral with other bold hues or neutrals. A rug in solid coral would certainly make a statement and will bring together nicely the furniture and accessories placed on top of it.

pantone living coral interior decor (15)
Vintage Chinese Rug

4) What colors/styles pair well with Living Coral?

Neutrals pair best with coral, but also with complimentary shades of blue, particularly marine-blue would make the coral feel in its natural element.

5) What are the “dos” with this color in your home?

Do use it as an accent or as a statement color. But definitely don’t be afraid to use it as it will make the room decor look happy, energized, and chill at the same time.

6) What are the “don’ts” of this color in your home?

Don’t ignore lighting when choosing coral. Lighting makes a big difference for colors. Coral works best in interiors that get a lot of natural light.

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