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Antique Sarab Rugs: –Less is More

Antique Persian Serab RunnerIn the province of Azerbaijain in northwestern Persia, the village of Sarab source of the eponymous Sarab rugs. These rugs are unique among Persian: they are smaller than most. This region is well-known for producing well-made, valuable, beautiful runners and other smaller rugs.

Antique Sarab rugs may be smaller in size but are second to none in terms of quality or design. Antique Sarab rugs are often three foot wide runners that are anywhere from ten to twenty feet long. However, doormat size rugs are also common in the area.

Design of Sarab Rugs

The designs featured in the rugs are geometric. Most have a long medallion focal point with corresponding, similar corner designs. The colors incorporated include red, brown, and blue, and the materials used may include cotton, wool, or both. The weaving itself is of very good quality, with 120 knots per square inch on average. This is important because the higher the density of knots per square inch, the greater the quality, in most cases. Unique to antique Sarab rugs, both Persian and Turkish knots may be found within the same rug. Persian knots are asymmetrical, and Turkish are symmetrical. Most types of rugs employ one or the other, but antique Sarab rugs may contain both. Though smaller in size than most other Persian rugs, these rugs enjoy the highest quality material and composition.

Persian rugs command respect and expectation of elegance. Antique Sarab rugs do not fail to meet these expectations. They are beautiful, elegant, and of extremely high quality. These rugs meet a need that larger rug types cannot.

They meet or exceed all expectations for Persian rugs in richness and artistry. Proof that big things can come in small packages.

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Antique Persian Sarab Runner
Antique Sarab Runner
Antique Persian Sarab Runner