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Daliesque Collection Rug
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Daliesque Collection Rug N11729 8'7" × 10'2" $8,000

Contemporary carpets continue to surprise us with their revolutionary approach to the subject of interior design. More and more people decide to look for inspiration in the works of the greatest artistic genius that ever lived – Salvador Dali. This particular piece bears a striking resemblance to some of his works. Handwoven using high quality wool, it is bound to serve you faithfully for years to come. Everything in this abstract rugs modern area rug collection, from the pattern to color palette, seems to convey the chaotic spirit of Great Dali. With whimsical strokes of vivacious colors on the white background, the modern size carpet look like it was being used as canvas mere seconds ago. Picking out seemingly contrasting hues, the designer of this area rug created a combination that shocks, but also entices – just like the paintings of Dali himself. The patterns seems almost hypnotic, leaving one unable to turn the gaze away.


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Price: $8,000

Item No.: N11729 Size: 8'7" × 10'2" (261 × 309 cm)
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