Oversized Modern Flat Weave rug
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Oversized Modern Flat Weave rug N12010

Price: $25,000

New rugs by Doris Leslie Blau embrace the centuries-old weaving tradition, taking it to the 21st century and beyond. This oversized modern flat weave rug merges the construction of a kilim with a simple, contemporary design.

The 16’1″ × 18’7″ (490 × 566 cm) rug carries light brown stripes against a beige background. This utterly simple pattern, will have a chance to organize any space and fill it with warmth due to its versatility and timeless appeal. Moreover, it will add a pinch of angular elegance, while designating a separate zone of the room.

On top of outstanding presentation, this oversized modern flat weave rug can also boast of excellent quality. It was carefully hand-woven of the finest wool according to traditional techniques. Under minimum maintenance, it will surely serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear, bringing in joy, order and beauty.

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Item No.: N12010 Size: 16'1" × 18'7" (490 × 566 cm)
Color: Beige, Gray Style: Modern Rugs Construction: Flat Weave