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Terra Runner in Natural Wool N11676 3'0" × 13'10" $4,000


Delicate, airy and absolutely magnificent, this Terra runner in natural wool is truly a masterpiece of modern carpet craftsmanship. Thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest undyed wool in accordance with centuries-old techniques by a skilled artisan, the contemporary carpet exhibits upmost durability and alluring soft texture that were achieved without any harm done to the natural environment. If properly cared for, the contemporary rug will serve its owners for generations with no signs of wear, pleasing their senses with mesmerizing appearance and qualitative body. Its long borderless field is covered in an allover, slightly washed-out geometric pattern rendered in neutral beiges and browns of natural wool. Chic and versatile at the same time, the modern carpet will easily match a wide array of interior décors, bringing in a touch of warmth and timeless elegance, as well as organizing and optically enlarging the space. Due to its specific dimensions it will be most suitable for corridors, transitional rooms, hallways or staircases. It is the option for lovers of conscious, well-executed craft that will never go out of fashion.

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Item No.: N11676 Size: 3'0" × 13'10" (91 × 421 cm)
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This is Terra Runner in Natural Wool number N11676 in our internal collections. This rug was manufactured

The dimensions of this rug are: 3'0" × 13'10" width × length, which corresponds to 91 × 421 cm in the metric system.

The rug was qualified by our experts as a Dreamy, Geometric style in our wide offer of rugs. If you are interested in this unique work of art, please contact us with the number N11676 for further information.

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Terra Runner  in Natural Wool N11676

Terra Runner in Natural Wool N11676


Out of stock