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Vintage French Deco Rug BB5245


Vintage rugs are amongst most sought-after works of woven art and for a good reason. Few other types of carpets, be it antique rugs or contemporary rugs can even compare to their natural elegance! European Deco rugs draw the eye with their fascinating patterns and elegant designs, features that European art is best known for.

This beautiful vintage rug is everything a stylish household might need. Hand woven with great love and care, this rug boasts a stunning design, inspired by Art Deco movement. A single diamond rests in the middle of the rug, accompanied by two smaller shapes. The composition is bordered by a very simple zigzagged frame. The color palette consists of three shades – deep crimson, black and a pleasantly contrasting shade of beige.  Rug’s size, 8’0″ × 11’4″ (243 × 345 cm), makes it a great addition to spacious interiors.

Here at Doris Leslie Blau Gallery, in the very heart of New York City, we have partnered with some of the most creative and well-known designers in the world to reflect the unique fashion sensibility of our clients. Our collection of contemporary rugs and antique carpets is full of unique pieces, waiting for you to discover their beauty.

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Item No.: BB5245 Size: 8'0" × 11'4" (243 × 345 cm)
Style: Art Deco, Casual, Geometric