Environmentally Friendly Rugs

More and more people nowadays decide to ditch their previous lifestyle and start being more “green”. This involves numerous changes – from diet to transportation method – but few people think about their rug as a mean of environmentally-friendly living.

Environmentally Friendly Carpets – What Should We know

Carpets made of synthetic materials are one of the factors that contribute to problems with our environment, but many eco-activists are not very enthusiastic about some natural fibers either. Wool and silk rugs seemingly don’t harm the environment, however, the whole industry involved in their production? Definitely. This is why more and more people become interested in carpets made of plant fibers, but there are those appalled by their scratchiness and limited color palette. Although those might be serious drawbacks for some, they should not be a major factor discouraging your from purchasing such rug, as their benefits for environment and health exceed flaws.

Materials of Environmentally Friendly Carpets

When it comes to the types of plant fiber rugs, there are five major types:

Jute – Jute rug is made from plant of the same name, that is widely known for its sustainability and pollution-free cultivation

Sisal – An extremely durable fiber, harvested from the agave plant known as sisalana. Almost every part of fiber production form this plant has to be done by hand, which excludes usage of harmful chemicals and heavy machinery.

Seagrass – A treasure from ocean’s bottom, seagrass has a stunning palette of hues, ranging from pale green to deep gold. Because of this, seagrass rugs are never dyed, so they are a perfect choice for those with severe allergies.

Hemp – Made of specific kind of the cannabis plant, that grow extremely fast in any kind of climate and terrain, hemp carpets are very cheap and easy to make.

Coir – Harvested from the coconut fruit skin and then spun into yarn, coir has a beautiful range of colors, mostly in the shades of brown.

Environmentally Friendly Carpets – Advantages

The major advantage of all types of plant-based environmentally friendly carpets is their affordable price. As the whole process of their production is cost-effective, as a result almost everybody can afford such a carpet. Moreover, environmentally friendly carpets are one of the most customizable rugs, available in all shapes, sizes and patterns. They are also great in high traffic areas such as corridors and living rooms, as plat fibers are very durable and strengthen with time. You can put them underneath heavy furniture without any fear!

Some types of plant environmentally friendly carpets are better in particular kinds of rooms than the others. For an example, seagrass carpet will be a great choice for the kitchen as it is naturally stain resistant and liquid repelling. On the other hand, because of its coarse structure, putting it in a bedroom and nursery might be a bad idea.