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Ellie Cullman – Woman with a Mission

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Ellie Cullman did not follow in the footsteps of her family who owns a steakhouse in the area.

Instead, she chose to pursue an Art degree, first at Barnard College and then at Columbia Graduate School where at first she attended East Asian Studies. Thanks to her expertise and experience, Cullman became the mentor of numerous young designers who greatly benefited from her leadership. She worked as an exhibition assistant at Japan House Gallery and as a guest curator at The Museum of American Folk Art, where she co-curated two exhibitions: “Andy Warhol’s Folk and Funk” and “Small Folk: A Celebration of Childhood in America”. What’s more, Cullman is an active member of the Museum of Modern Art’s Contemporary council and the Metropolitan Museum’s Visiting Committee on Objects and Conservation and sits on the boards of the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Friends of Florence.

She bases her phenomenal compositions on well-known classics, full of simplicity and grace, spiced up with charming little twists such as modern art or whimsical antiques. When asked about the source of her inspiration, she pointed towards Japan, known for skillful mixes of tradition and modernity.

Ellie Cullman’s company Cullman and Kravis was set up in 1984. From the very beginning their goal was clear – to provide the highest quality of design and personal service. C&K were able to achieve this thanks to their professional approach to the clientele and flexibility. Company’s highly personalized interiors do their best to reflect the soul of people who live in it, sometimes using materials and colors which would be considered too bold by less skilled designers. With this approach, the company remains at the top of the industry even after more than 30 years of its existence.

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