Tattoo by Kim Alexandriuk in Green, Brown and Blue N10729 by DLB
Tattoo by Kim Alexandriuk in Green, Brown and Blue
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Tattoo by Kim Alexandriuk in Green, Brown and Blue N10729 10'0" × 13'8" $12,500

Kim Alexandriuk evokes traditional tribal patterns but assembles them with a more modern sensibility, while also doing a riff on traditional rugs by modern mélange of curved shapes while using their traditional materials and style of weaving. Drawing on a number of influences, including her European heritage, reverence for architecture and passion for travel, the Santa Monica-based designer seamlessly weds modern elements with classic settings to create intriguing spaces that are warm and inviting, with an air of worldly sophistication.

This contemporary rug draws attention thanks to its stunning abstract design. The pattern of this rug dazzles with its beauty and complexity. Color palette accompanying it only highlights the ingenious design. Cool shades of green and blue work together perfectly, especially when contrasted with light beige and rusty brown. Rug’s size, 10’0″ × 13’8″ (304 × 416 cm), makes it a great addition to spacious interiors.

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Price: $12,500

Item No.: N10729 Size: 10'0" × 13'8" (304 × 416 cm)
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