Turquoise Viscose Flatweave Rug with Geometric Pattern

Turquoise Viscose Flatweave Rug with Geometric Pattern N11308

Price: $7,000

This minimalistic flat-woven piece is hand-made of viscose. The all-over turquoise color with petite geometric design is a perfect match for crisp modern interiors. This is a rug of graceful simplicity. The texture of shiny lines organized in a delicate criss-cross pattern creates a luxurious look.

Flat-woven rugs appear in every culture in the world, from ancient times to current days. It’s the simplest form of rug weaving and it’s here to stay. From Europe to Africa, and from Far East Asia to South America, every culture enjoys the simplicity of flat-woven rugs. Kilims, Soumaks, Bessarabian rugs, or Scandinavian rugs are some of the most popular carpets of this type of weave.

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Item No.: N11308 Size: 10'2" × 14'0" (309 × 426 cm)
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