Contemporary Crocodile Design Cool Gray Hand Knotted Silk Rug
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Contemporary Crocodile Design Cool Gray Hand Knotted Silk Rug N11087 10'2" × 14'0" $24,000

Contemporary rugs can be found in all shapes and sizes. Their fascinating forms and designs can range from minimalistic to eclectic, satisfying the needs of rug aficionados all around the world. Although many people do not notice them, rugs have a huge impact on our daily lives. We walk, sit and live on them and find comfort in their softness. A good quality contemporary carpet brings life to your interior, so choosing a perfect one can reflect both your personality and lifestyle. This is why our contemporary rug collection is full of the highest quality pieces of superb beauty, waiting for you to discover them!

This stunning contemporary rug is everything one could ask for from a floor covering. Its whimsical Art Deco Design certainly draws the eye, but what really makes it worth attention is undoubtedly superb quality of its weave. This rug was hand knotted using high quality silk, which ensured its softness and elegant sheen. The pattern was designed in such a way to make it look like crocodile’s skin, so it features mostly uneven squares and rectangles. Color palette accompanying it contains shades of cool gray in both dark and light tone.

Art Deco rugs are amongst the most sought after types of contemporary rugs. Here at Doris Leslie Blau we are proud that we can supply our clientele with only the best quality, authentic antique rugs and contemporary rugs from all over the world. Be sure to visit our website and find out for you


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Price: $24,000

Item No.: N11087 Size: 10'2" × 14'0" (309 × 426 cm)
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