Brett Beldock's Rugs

Doris Leslie Blau, legendary purveyors and makers of fine rugs, and world-renowned designer Brett Beldock, are proud to announce their collaboration on a new luxury rug collection. DLB and Brett Beldock have an uncanny sensibility of evoking perpetual elegance with a modern sensibility. These one of a kind rugs recreate an idyllic vision in an innovative and stylish way, transforming any room it lives in, into something spectacular.

“Since moving to Harlem, I have seen the pond on 110th through every season. These rugs though, timeless, are a reflection of that change.” – Brett Beldock

About the Rugs: Susan Izsak the creative director at DLB is by far the best colorist Beldock has ever worked with and has extensive knowledge of yarns and textures. Together, Brett and Susan developed a whimsical line of new rugs for DLB. Susan Izsak has worked with Beldock to make her rugs diverse in quality and texture ” ?.” Starting off as a knitwear designer, my view of mixing yarns, texture, and color is like painting, you get so much depth and dimension. Yarns are yarns be they made into sweaters in Taiwan or a flat weave rug from Nepal.” The collection is based on images of water, the way it moves, water with reflections, water as it pulls away from sand, light hitting water creating captivating colors and patterns. Each rug is also based on a different image, some taken with Beldock’s cellphone, and a few images are of water on Beldock’s wind shield, taken while going through a car wash in the Bronx.

About Brett Beldock: Founder of eponymous multidisciplinary, Brett Beldock has emerged as a designer best known for her artful, and vicarious interiors. With architectural styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, and lifestyles that vary from casual to refined, what defines Beldock’s aesthetic is the ability to distill the elements of a space and create depth in the way interiors are experienced. Unlike many formulaic designers, Beldock’s design philosophy is ever evolving and so is her brand. Her inquisitive perspective is grounded in a rich and diverse life experience, which has made Beldock an observer of the world, appreciating details that are commonly overlooked, and translating the details into meaningful moments and experiences. As a designer without creative limitations, Beldock’s projects encompass residential and commercial environments, as well as furniture design and wallpaper. Her most recent collaboration debuting this fall, is with the pinnacle of elegant antique, vintage and custom rugs, Doris Leslie Blau.

An Exceptional Collection of Rugs by Brett Beldock’s for Sale