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Antique Ukrainian and Russian Rugs and Carpets

While Russia and Ukraine are known for their rich culture and complicated history, not many people are aware of the fact that both of those countries have a long weaving tradition which resulted in the most exquisite Russian carpets.

The roles of carpets in Russia and Ukraine are largely similar – while many serve as decorative pieces, some were used as furniture or a matter of insulating the household during cold months. How carpets in those countries developed?

Genesis of Ukrainian rugs and Russian carpets

As the Russian continued to conquer the Asian continent in the eighteenth century, they slowly but surely incorporated the weaving styles of the people they encountered. This is why antique Ukrainian and Russian rugs show influences from both the Middle East and the Far East. These rugs incorporate both abstract flower designs and deep colors of the Middle East, as well as the bright gold tones and repetitive patterns common in Asian weaving of the time period. Traditionally carpets were woven exclusively by women in individual families, not by companies or by merchants themselves, so these pieces are all unique and difficult to find. In the 17th, 18th and 19th century Russian trends started to influence the culture of Ukraine and other Eastern European countries, giving carpets more opulent look. While the designs were often based on more grand and decorative French carpets, Ukrainian weavers gave them a new, more homely and charming look. However, carpets largely maintained their magnificent flower-decorated medallions, elegant bouquets and traditionally French compositions. Among better-known pieces of Russian and Ukrainian weaving craft are Bessarabian carpets, which appeared during the late 19th and the early 20th centuries in Ukraine, Russia and Moldavia.

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Design of Ukrainian and Russians rugs

While they might look slightly more modest than their French or Persian cousins, Ukrainian and Russian carpets are far from being bland. Each design includes a thrilling explosion of wonderful colors which often include blushy pink, black and deep scarlet. The patterns themselves are very varied and it’s difficult to find two look-alikes. Despite this, some elements are shared among all Ukrainian and Russian carpets. Floral motifs are especially popular because of their tremendous beauty and life-like depictions of flowers and bouquets in full bloom.

These runners would look beautiful hanging on any wall of your house, but would be especially lovely over a carved, dark, wooden dining room table or bedroom set. These richly-colored, well preserved rugs deserve to be surrounded with the best decor.

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